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Avlite Systems Awarded Solar Powered Runway & Helipad Lighting System

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For Immediate Release 

Victoria BC, Canada. June 13, 2011 --//

Avlite Systems has been awarded a supply and delivery contract for a permanent solar LED airfield lighting system and helipad to be installed in the Middle East region. Working with Aviation Renewables and a state authority of the government, a solar LED runway lighting system was designed to support both civil and government owned aircraft in a remote area where power was inaccessible. The runway will operate under visible LED lighting whereas the helipad will operate under NVG mode. The customer required a low cost solar runway lighting system that would eliminate ongoing maintenance, energy and battery replacement costs from the previously installed portable runway lighting system. The Avlite solar LED runway lighting and helipad system provides a low cost, easy to install, no maintenance airfield that can support both NVG and visible operations for fixed wing and rotary aircraft. Aviation Renewables has worked with the government authority for the last two years to determine renewable power and lighting solutions that can meet state, local government and national interests.  Increased safety, lower costs and a renewable solution will allow this airfield to continue operations supporting local civil and government needs.


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