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11 Noviembre 2016

Aviation Renewables Delivers Portable LED Runway Lighting System to the Caribbean

Aviation Renewables Delivers Portable LED Runway Lighting System to the Caribbean

For Immediate Release

Victoria BC, Canada. 11 November, 2016 --/

Aviation Renewables has been awarded a contract to deliver a portable LED runway lighting system to a major international airport located in the Caribbean. The autonomous runway lighting system includes runway edge and threshold lights stored within a trailer, ready for quick deployment in the case of a power failure to the main runway lighting system. Working with Aviation Renewables, the client was able to select the best solution available capable of meeting their emergency, temporary and standby runway lighting needs while meeting budget and delivery timelines.

The emergency runway lighting system was selected as a stand-alone autonomous trailer mounted solution offering the best combination of convenience, performance and quick-deployment. The lights will remain within the trailer, fully charged at all times, until they are needed at a moment’s notice to supplement the airport runway lighting operations for either planned or unplanned events.

20 Julio 2016

Solar Shines bright in Caribbean Airports

Solar Shines bright in Caribbean Airports

For Immediate Release

Victoria BC, Canada. 20 July, 2016 --/

Dozens of islands within the Caribbean have led the transition to Solar Airfield Lighting over the past decade.  Currently there are solar LED airfield lighting systems in The Bahamas, Dominica, Barbados and Antigua, to name a few. This transition has benefited the airports in areas of operations, safety and finance.

Aviation is a vital link, and lighting is critical

Caribbean islands face a unique challenge: they are very dependent on aviation, and electricity can be very expensive.  The Bahamas, for example, is composed of hundreds of islands spread over a wide area.  These ‘Family Islands’, as they are known, have dozens of airports to support the movements of goods and people around the country.  Almost all aviation in the Bahamas is during the day, as airports historically had no lighting.  This posed a major problem in the event of medical emergencies that necessitated evacuation to larger centers, as the MEDEVAC aircraft would attempt landing in some very precarious situations.

18 Julio 2016

Solar Series Windsock Lighting Operating in Western Canada

Solar Series Windsock Lighting Operating in Western Canada

Solar Series Wind Cones are being installed at a Waste Water Treatment Plan in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. In an effort to improve operational safety, the customer requested LED windsock lighting so the on-site personnel could be aware of wind direction and velocity. As a heavy industrial facility, the waste water treatment plant is required to monitor environmental conditions in order to keep pollutants away from employees and the community.

01 Junio 2016

Solar LED Obstruction Lighting

Solar LED Obstruction Lighting

With the recent advancements in LED technologies and solar power, Solar LED Obstruction Lighting is quickly becoming a preferred choice for obstruction lighting across the globe. As engineers, customers, end users and authorities compare and contrast conventional lighting technologies to solar powered obstruction lighting, the acceptance and adoption of the technologies continue to grow every year. LED lighting is now so efficient, that Medium and High Intensity Obstruction lighting can be reliably and economically powered with a compact solar power system.

13 Enero 2016

Solar Powered Airfield Lighting Benefits and Savings - Southampton Airport, United Kingdom

Solar Powered Airfield Lighting Benefits and Savings - Southampton Airport, United Kingdom

Please follow the link below to read the article


Steve Thurston, Head of Planning and Development, Southampton Airport speaks about the major benefits and cost savings associated to using the Solar Series Elevated Runway Guard Lights (ERGL's) at Southampton Airport.

Southampton Airport’s vision to become ‘Europe’s leading regional airport’ has provided the motivation for a number of innovate investments in recent years. With a couple of UK firsts amongst the developments, including being the first UK airport to have solar powered LED runway guard lighting, the regional airport with the big ideas is set to continue trend setting in 2012.

05 Noviembre 2015

Solar Series LED Wind Cones Supporting Caribbean Island Airports

For Immediate Release

Victoria BC, Canada. 05 November, 2015 --/

solar LED wind cone ARC

Aviation Renewables has been issued a contract to deliver multiple units of its Solar Series LED Windcones and Windsocks for international and regional airport operations within the Caribbean. The Solar Series LED Wind Cones have been installed in multiple locations throughout the Caribbean, and continue to prove their reliability in this tough environment.  With all-aluminum construction, the windcones do not rust in the humid salt-laden air, and have continued to improve safety of operations for both daytime and nighttime operations.  Using high brightness LEDs and a rugged in house fabric, the internally lighted windsocks will be illuminated to support nighttime take off and landings.  By installing the Solar Series LED Wind Cones, the airport benefits from significant up front capital and infrastructure costs along with the elimination of continuous maintenance and energy costs.  As an off grid solution, the island airports further reduce their environmental footprint by going green.  Manufactured with a patented swivel, LED obstruction light and a pole mounted solar power operating system, the internally lighted Wind Cone provides reliable, care free operation in the challenging equatorial conditions of the Caribbean.

17 Septiembre 2015

Aviation Renewables to Install Solar Series LED PAPI in Southeast Asia

For Immediate Release

Victoria BC, Canada. 17 September, 2015 --

Aviation Renewables has received an order to supply and install a Solar Series LED PAPI in southeast Asia. The solar-powered LED PAPI will operate during daylight hours to support crew flights for a large industrial airstrip. With extensive experience in the design, installation and commissioning of frangible solar power systems, Aviation Renewables is able to provide a solar power system that meets the customer’s requirements for performance, reliability and safety. Due to the low power draw of the ultra high efficiency LEDs used in the PAPI, a small frangible solar power system is able to operate the PAPI for up to 14 hours daily. This efficiency results in lower up-front costs, a smaller footprint and longer battery life. The Solar Series LED PAPI is virtually maintenance free, with a simple battery replacement anticipated every 5-7 years. With dozens of Solar Series LED PAPIs operating on every continent, Aviation Renewables continues to deliver the best renewable lighting and power solutions to international airports, defense forces, humanitarian aid and private aviation users around the world. For more information, please visit www.aviationrenewables.com

14 Septiembre 2015

Solar Series Runway Guard Lights shipping to Pacific Northwest

For Immediate Release

Victoria BC, Canada. 14 September, 2015 --/

Aviation Renewables has received an order to supply multiple units of the Solar Series LED Runway Guard Lights (RGL’s) & Hold Position Lights (HPL’s) to a large industrial customer in the Pacific Northwest. Supplied by its US partner, Flight Light Inc., the Solar Series LED Runway Guard Lights & Hold Position Lights will operate 24/7, greatly increasing safety throughout the airfield for moving vehicles and aircraft. With its self-contained design, the Runway Guard Lights & Hold Position Lights will eliminate the need for conventional power inputs, expensive infrastructure and daily energy costs. Working in coordination with Flight Light Inc. and the end user. Aviation Renewables was able to create a solution that will operate year-round through the challenging Solar conditions present in the Pacific Northwest. The Solar Series LED Runway Guard Lights & Hold Position Lights have proven to perform in the most challenging conditions, and continue to prove themselves at installations worldwide. Aviation Renewables delivers renewable lighting and power solutions to international airports, defense forces, humanitarian aid and private aviation users around the world. For more information, please visit www.aviationrenewables.com

28 Agosto 2015

Aviation Renewables completes runway extension in The Bahamas

For Immediate Release

Victoria BC, Canada. 28 August, 2015 --/

Aviation Renewables has recently returned from The Bahamas after delivering, installing and commissioning an extension to the runway lighting system after the paving was completed. Included in the work was the moving of the simple approach system, and mounting the lights on new frangible posts. With the runway extension, the airport can handle larger and faster aircraft to support clientele at a new hotel and resort.

The installation of lights on the extension was completed in a few short days, highlighting the flexibility and ease-of-use of solar powered runway lighting. As a radio-controlled system using a 2.4Ghz Mesh network, the lights were able to quickly re-organize the network to include the additional lights, resulting in seamless operations for the airport.

While on-site, Aviation Renewables did a diagnostic check on the original lighting installed in 2013, and all lights reported healthy batteries. The batteries have an expected lifespan of 5-7 years with normal use, so this finding was expected.

The ICAO Simple Approach system was installed on frangible poles due to the grading in the approach area. Because of the lack of wiring and electricity required, the Simple Approach installation was completed in 4 hours, resulting in zero interruption to airport operations.

With over 30 Solar Series Solar Airfield Lighting systems installed worldwide, Aviation Renewables is the market leader for solar-powered PAPI systems; offering full design, installation, training, commissioning and support of each system.

12 Agosto 2015

Here Comes The Sun - Asia Pacific Special Report

Un proyecto por Aviation Renewables fue publicado recientemente en la edición 2015-2 de la revista Air Traffic Management Magazine

23 Julio 2015

Runway Upgrades Raise Airfield Standards and Facilitate Nightime Operations at South Bimini Airport

A project by Aviation Renewables was recently featured in the July-August 2015 issue of Airport Improvement Magazine

Please follow the link below to read the article, text is below:


Author: Dan Vnuk

Published in: July-August 2015

A series of airfield improvements at South Bimini Airport (YBS) is making it easier for travelers to get to Bimini, the tiny pair of Bahaman islands located just 50 miles off the east coast of Florida. That's good news for beachgoers, sport fishermen and any other North or South American travelers who want to escape to a tropical paradise without spending a lot of time getting there.

It's also good news for Bimini's overall economy and the local workers who were employed during the multimillion-dollar construction effort. During the days of Prohibition, Bimini was a popular spot for speakeasies and liquor stores, with rumrunners stashing their cash in its numerous cays. These days, it's attracting a different kind of business. Genting Group, a Malaysian conglomerate, began investing in the islands with the development of a 750-acre beachfront resort and casino on North Bimini, and then opened a similar property adjacent to South Bimini International Airport (YBS) - both under the Resorts World brand.

Genting's South Bimini property boasts the closest offshore casino to the United States, and was mainly serviced by high-speed boat service from Miami when it opened in June 2013. With a daytime sea route in place, the resort owners soon turned their attention to facilitating 24-hour access to and from the island. YBS had daytime flight in place with Bahamasair, Silver Airways, Western Air and Flamingo Air; but its main 5,400-foot asphalt runway could not support nighttime traffic.

The solution involved a two-phase initiative that included a 900-foot runway extension, solar LED airfield lighting and other support elements such as a precision path indicator system, windcones and an automated weather observing system.

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