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Solar LED Apron Light

Solar LED Apron Light


The Solar Series LED Apron Light is ideal for providing solar powered lighting for any outdoor application where tight light control is needed to prevent glare and light trespass. The customized light control enables to be used for Apron lighting where there is a critical need to keep the light away from aircraft on approach.

The Solar Series LED Apron Lighting is a low profile luminaire system with an advanced thermal management and sophisticated LED optics with 48 High Lumen providing efficient uniform bright white light distribution every day of the year, rated at a minimum of 61,000 hours and reducing carbon emissions.


  • Modular power unit and LED luminaire are separate units allowing the solar array to orient to the equator regardless of the orientation of the fixture.
  • Color matched system includes 20 foot direct burial pole, arm, fixture and solar panel mounting structure.
  • Maintenance-free 100Ah rated gel cell battery provides a minimum of 5 nights of autonomy for cloudy days or constant use.
  • Rugged design with condensation resistant aluminum and stainless steel hardware.
  • Vented aluminum LED enclosure, sealed to IP65.
  • Clean design and clear finish with invisible pole fasteners and mounting hardware.
  • Industry best LED lighting performance, 35 year installation track record and 10- year warranty program
  • Ease of use with easy to reach remote drivers – no cranes, bucket trucks or lifts ever required
  • Integrated grounding and surge protection - ensuring longevity of the LED's sensitive electronic components
  • 10-year product, parts and performance warranty – eliminates maintenance & troubleshooting
  • Always available 24/7 customer support, LED monitoring and on demand system repairs
  • Custom dimming controls for on demand, set schedules, motion sensor, wi-fi or other
  • Die-cast aluminum reflector housing provides rugged performance in corrosive environments
  • Custom design for retrofit to airports existing poles, greenfield or expansion apron lighting projects
  • Factory assembled and aimed LED apron lighting luminaires saves time, money and resources
  • Installation, services and engineering design through the entire stage of the project


  • Significant reduction in operating costs over 100,000 hours of product use
  • Eliminates maintenance and bulb replacement costs
  • Reliable Operation – each LED apron lighting system is factory wired, aimed, and tested to streamline installation and ensure trouble-free operation
  • Reduced green house gas emissions, improves airport environmental performance
  • Precision optical performance from LED visor system eliminates pilot and ATC tower glare
  • Reduces light spill with custom LED apron lighting reflector system
  • Provides guaranteed light levels over 10 year period

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