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Complies with:

  • ICAO Annex 14 5.3.5

The Solar Series LED PAPI is the industry leading, most efficient LED based complete PAPI system capable of operating via solar power, battery and AC/DC power. ICAO compliant, capable of FAA intensities and available in visible, infrared or dual LED output, the PAPI can be powered by solar, solar/fuel-cell hybrid, generator, or mains power making it the most versatile PAPI available.  A significant reduction in energy consumption allows for smaller, more compact renewable system to power the PAPI 24 hours a day.


  • Rapid set up, RF control from air, tower, ground
  • Small, compact, self contained
  • NVG compatible, IR and visible LED operation
  • Low power requirements, minimal heat signature
  • Frangible fixed mount or portable mounting leg options
  • Hand held controller for RF control


  • Permanent
  • Temporary
  • Emergency
  • Tactical/Portable

Available Models

  • PAPI
  • 2-box PAPI

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