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FAA Wind Cone

FAA Wind Cone

FAA Wind Cone

Complies with:

  • FAA L807 AC 150/5345-27 (Current Edition)

The Solar Series L806 & L807 FAA LED Wind Cones pairs an LED luminaire with industry’s most efficient and proven solar power system on a single mounting point, eliminating the need for trenching or wiring. Each FAA LED Wind Cone is custom designed for 24/7 operations with either dusk till dawn or optional RF control to operate the internal LED luminaire and LED L810 obstruction light. The FAA LED Wind Cone may be either internally lit or externally lit, depending on customer preference. The L806 FAA LED Wind Cone can be mounted on a frangible coupling, whereas the L807 is center-hinged for easy servicing. Available in various sizes, all of which include an intelligently engineered aluminum tilt-pole designed to facilitate easy installation and servicing by a single person with no electrical infrastructure requirements.


  • Radio Control, dusk til dawn or manual
  • Internal or external LED luminaire
  • Stand alone dusk till dawn solar system with zero maintenance or energy costs
  • Rugged, reliable and proven operation backed by a 3 year product warranty with 1 year battery and fabric warranty
  • Operates in all environments with the most extensive customer list in the industry
  • 50, 80 0r 120 watt mono crystalline solar panel
  • 54-180 AHr lead acid batteries
  • Immediate increase to safety of operations for take off and landings


  • Airfield installations
  • Helicopter operations
  • Emergency services
  • Humanitarian aid operations

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