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CALKIT (Civilian LED Airfield Lighting Kit)

CALKIT (Civilian LED Airfield Lighting Kit)


Complies with:

  • ICAO Annex 14 Vol. 1 5.3.2, (with circling guidance),
  • FAA AC150/5345-46D-L860 , L860E, L861
  • FAA AC150/5345-50B-L863 Series
  • FAA AC150/5345-49C

The Civilian LED Airfield Lighting Kit (CALKIT) is a purpose-designed, battery-powered runway LED lighting system specifically designed for airports, airfields or heliports use. Designed, tested and fielded to FAA, ICAO and NATO international standards for portable, primary or emergency runway and helipad lighting operations, the CALKIT is suitable for use with both fixed and rotary wing aircraft.


  • 66 light charging units with additional storage for another 12 COREL lights or supporting products
  • Simple, drop-in charging
  • Fast recharge times - 8 hours or less
  • Road going tested and certified trailer
  • Optional radio control with visible & infrared LED outputs
  • Optional LED approach lighting system, LED REILs, LED PAPIs, LED obstruction lights, LED taxiway lights & LED wind cones

The CALKIT is the most installed, versatile and proven, battery powered LED runway lighting system for civil, defense and humanitarian aid operations. The road going trailer stores, charges and transports all required lighting for runways up to 3000 meters or heliports of multiple helipads. The CALKIT is designed to be rapidly deployed in emergency situations, and is easily transported when intended for use at more than one location. When operating at FAA non-precision MIRLs (medium intensity runway lighting system) intensities (125cd), the LED runway edge and LED threshold lights provide 40 hours of light output (280 hours* at ICAO 50cd) before charging is necessary. Recharging of the LED airfield or helipad light is achieved in 8 hours or less ensuring operational readiness on consecutive nights for weeks, months or years on end. As the most fielded portable LED airfield lighting and heliport lighting system in the world with more than 50 years of global installations operating on all major continents, industries most demanding customers continue to rely on the CALKIT LED portable airfield and heliport lighting system as their emergency, temporary and sustaining aviation lighting system for year round, reliable, safe airport operations.


  • For remote airstrips where mains powered lighting or electricity is not available
  • To provide airfield or heliport lighting on alternate runways or emergency landing areas
  • To supplement the main electrical lighting system in the event of equipment or power failure
  • As the main airfield or heliport lighting system where risk of theft exists for permanently installed equipment.
  • To mark temporary taxiway and manoeuvring areas by day and night
  • To show the limits of obstructions and areas under repair by day and by night
  • Humanitarian Aid Missions

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