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Increase the safety and efficiency of your aviation network.

Why Choose Aviation Renewables


  • Our team has over 30 years of collective experience in aviation and solar technologies. We are industry leaders in the field.


  • We use advanced LED and solar technology to help build highly efficient lighting systems that are cost-effective and reliable.


  • We work with manufacturers, regulatory bodies and user groups, this collaboration helps us supply and install the best products available.

  • COST

  • Our renewable technology is easier to install and maintain than conventional lighting systems, meaning better return on your investment.

Market Leading Renewable Technology Solutions


Our Solar-Powered LED Systems require a fraction of the maintenance of traditional systems, meaning less man-hours and replacement costs.


Because we use renewable technologies and Solar-Powered LED Systems, our lighting packages require no fuel or electricity. Plus, our LED Lights last thousands of hours longer than traditional lighting systems.



We provide a range of products that allow us to build in places where traditional systems can’t go. Our portable technologies are innovative and maneuverable, as well as efficient.


Aviation Renewables works with clients from early-stage concept development right through to installation. We are a hands-on company that takes pride in building customized packages for every client.

How We Operate

Aviation Renewables is the premier solar-power and LED aviation lighting expert internationally, working as an integrator building runway lighting, helipad lighting and renewable power systems for a wide range of clients, both in government and the private sector, as well as military and independent interests around the world.

Our approach is to take each individual undertaking as a custom project. Rather than using a traditional template for every new aviation lighting request, we consult with our clients to determine exactly what is needed, then go out to our partners around the world to build a completely customized package.

Our team will work hands-on throughout the development and installation of every project, acting on behalf of each individual client to ensure all aviation requirements are met and to provide innovative solutions to every challenge.

Watch one of our Solar LED

lighting installations in action.

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